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Thai Namman Spray (8076)

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Thai Namman Spray is an herbal spray made ​​from herbal products from Thailand. Namman spray can be found in every Thai camp, every match and every practice. In Thailand zaigravanje fighters and practitioners is unthinkable without this spray. Today Namman spray is present in all combat sports such as MMA, UFC, boxing, karate, Taekwondo, etc. .. Besides martial arts, this spray can still be found in all sports, so it is not uncommon to see professional football players, athletes and other top athletes to use everyday Namman spray. The spray they use everyday and the world's top sports massage therapists in all sports. Namman prepares and warms the body for strenuous activity and helps the body recover. It also helps maintain consistency in training and in strenuous activities, helping to eliminate or reduce bol.Glavni active ingredients, among other things also reduce inflammation and help circulation. Wintergreen scent helps breathing and oxygen intake and vigilance.

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