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Picture of Pro ring LAS VEGAS
Code: 8000
Price:from €.00 (EUR)/pcs
Picture of Professional boxing / THAI / MMA training ring
Code: 8001
Price:from €.00 (EUR)/kom
Picture of Cages
Code: 8002
Price:from €.00 (EUR)/pcs
Picture of Pro MMA cage
Code: 8010
Price:from €.00 (EUR)/pcs
Picture of Floor MMA cage
Code: 8012
Price:€.00 (EUR)/pcs
Picture of Half MMA cage
Code: 8013
Price:€.00 (EUR)/pcs
Picture of Ring corners, European style
Code: 8050
Old price: from €84.24 (EUR)
Price:from €41.78 (EUR)/pcs
Picture of Pole covers
Code: 8252
Old price:€38.35 (EUR)
Price:€30.14 (EUR)/pcs
Picture of Turnbuckle covers
Code: 8253
Old price: from €17.81 (EUR)
Price:from €13.70 (EUR)/pcs
Picture of Rope separators
Code: 8254
Price:€.00 (EUR)/pcs
Picture of Ring floor covers
Code: 8255
Price:€12.60 (EUR)/m2
Picture of Rope covers
Code: 8256
Price:€2.44 (EUR)/m
€.00 (EUR)
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